With nearly three-decade’s experience in textile industry, we have streamlined ourselves to becoming pioneers in catering to international fashion fabrics. The only thing constant in the line of fashion is change, the magnitude of which is directly proportionate to time itself. Therefore, we at Russtar always strive and aspire to reach greater depths in value and lengths in versatility, by holding close a simple notion, ‘in order for there to be synergy and balance in our offerings to clients, we must that more than the quality, price and creative aspirations itself; we must in turn learn to adapt “always with time”. 

Our CEO, Mr. Suren Shewaramani, has the ideology “More Value for Less”. At the end of every year, he believes in taking a step back and analyzing the efforts and eradicating redundancies to be able to go deeper into vertically integrating the corporate structure. This is the only way to advance further the next year so returning clients are always pleasantly surprised with continuously adding value to their respective business lines.